Hospice Care

From the moment of diagnosis we are here to help

Cayman HospiceCare understands the challenges you may be facing. As a patient, your concerns and preferences will guide your care and options. Care is available to everyone regardless of diagnosis.

Cayman HospiceCare seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of adults and children with a life-limiting or terminal illness, helping you live as fully as you can for as long as you can.

Cayman HospiceCare helps people with all sorts of illnesses, including cancer, heart failure, lung disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease etc. You can use hospice care at any stage of your illness, not just at the very end of your life. Hospice care is for all ages.  Our youngest patient was less than a year and we currently have a number of patients above 100 years of age.

Cayman HospiceCare is available for you, your family and caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing support to help you live your life as comfortably and meaningfully as possible.

Cayman HospiceCare care includes:

  • A team of hospice and palliative medical professionals who treat your pain and symptoms and provide support for your family and caregivers. Volunteers are also an integral part of the team.
  • Integrative medicine combining traditional medicine with alternative therapies to ease pain and discomfort (See additional services)
  • Our In-Patient Unit the CHC Villa is available if needed for End –Of –Life Care if a patient cannot be cared for at home or to get excessive pain and symptoms under control
  • Lunch Club at Cayman HospiceCare administration building is open to all patients and family members as a social event to get out of the home and focus on something other than your illness. It offers a chance to interact with others experiences similar feelings. It happens the 4th Wednesday of every other month.  Please visit our events calendar for the next date

When you call Cayman HospiceCare, there’s always someone available to speak with you. Our professional hospice staff and trained volunteers have the expertise and knowledge to address your questions or concerns.

Your comfort and care is our priority 

Your hospice team

Your medical concerns and preferences will guide your care

As a patient of Cayman HospiceCare, you control the type of care you wish to receive. Our team of professionals and volunteers aim to provide you with sufficient information to allow you to make informed decisions about the type of care you wish to receive.  Then we follow your health care wishes and will do everything possible to enhance your quality of life.

Your CHC team provides hospice services wherever you are – home, hospital, a nursing home, or the CHC Villa.

According to your personalized needs, members of your care team may include:

  • Certified hospice and palliative medicine physician
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified caregivers to support care
  • Volunteer support

We also provide medical equipment e.g. Hospital beds, Oxygen concentrators, wheel chairs etc, to ensure you have all that you need to have efficient home care.

Cayman HospiceCare also works with the below specialties and can refer you to them:

  • Respiratory therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Dietary counseling
  • Physical therapy

Your hospice volunteers

Volunteers are vital to the assistance and support we provide. Cayman HospiceCare volunteers are highly trained, motivated, caring individuals committed to your well being, your privacy and are guided by a patient’s needs.  Care is taken to match patients with volunteers who have similar interests or speak the same language, have similar personalities, or otherwise deemed a good fit.
How Cayman HospiceCare volunteers serve you:

  • Companionship
  • Caregiver respite
  • Transportation
  • Letter-writing or journaling
  • Assistance with hobbies or crafts
  • Help with organizing paperwork, paying bills or balancing a checkbook
  • Grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping and help with small household jobs
  • Meal preparation
  • Playing games
  • Celebrating special occasions

Tell us what would bring peace, comfort or joy to your life, and we’ll find a volunteer or group of volunteers best suited to carry out your wishes.

In-Patient Unit “CHC Villa”

Expert comprehensive care

At CHC Villa we provide End of Life Care for patients who are unable to be cared for at home.  We can also provide care focused on pain and other distressing symptoms in which the patient is experiencing difficulties in getting under control at home.

Our care teams which include physicians and nurses are experts in end of life care, acute pain and symptom management.

Patients who are admitted for symptom control can return home after the symptom have been stabilized.

The CHC Villa aim is to eliminate the need for emergency room visits or repeated hospital stays or dying in the hospital if that is not your wish.

CHC Villa provides the comforts of home

Every effort is made to create an atmosphere of serentiy and calm at our Villa. It provides a warm and caring environment for patients, visiting family members and friends.

Additional villa benefits

  • Patient rooms are private, comfortable
  • Common family areas include kitchen and TV areas
  • Family visitation at any hour
  • Caregiver training available

Tours and locations

Our Villa is located at # 60 Pines drive, Villa # 4 off Smith Road. Tours are available at your request. Please view pictures below.

Integrative Medicine

Compassionate holistic care and healing

Integrative medicine combines a variety of complementary principles and practices to conventional medicine. It incorporates the best of all medical modalities, focusing on mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Integrative medicine treats the whole person and reaffirms the practitioner-patient relationship and caring presence. Major universities and medical centers promote the use and understanding of Integrative medicine.

Many of our alternative services are offered by certified volunteers. The services provide hospice patients relief from:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Fear & anxiety
  • Stress & depression
  • Constipation
  • Side-effects from Chemotherapy, Radiation & Others

Methods used:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Music Therapy
    • Guided Imagery
    • Yoga
    • Breathing exercises
    • Stretching techniques
  • Energy Medicine:
    • Therapeutic massage
    • Healing Touch & Reiki
    • Mind/Body practices for relaxation

The Cayman HospiceCare Medical Director and team believe in integrative medicine to bring much needed comfort to our hospice patients.

See Additional Services for more about these services

Is it time for Hospice?

Cayman HospiceCare Conversation Starter Kit

How will you know when it is time for our care?

While you may not be able to answer that question with any certainty, it’s never too soon to ask for help.

Cayman HospiceCare will answer your questions and help you find the right care. Cayman HospiceCare’s services aren’t just for those who are terminally ill. We offer palliative care, and support for caregivers.

Whatever your diagnosis, determining the right care begins with a conversation

Cayman HospiceCare staff and volunteers have the training and expertise to guide you through the entire information-gathering process. We will discuss all your care options and help you determine the right care for you and your family. When you call Cayman HospiceCare, you will be encouraged to ask the questions you may have been afraid to ask.

With your first call to Cayman HospiceCare, we will begin to:

  • Assess your needs by listening to your concerns and asking questions about you or your loved ones illness and current care
  • Help you make decisions about what’s right for you or the person you are calling for

Ask your physician

The following are some questions you may want to ask your physician

  • How do you expect my condition to change in the next year?
  • What symptoms might I experience?
  • Will I be able to go about my daily routine and care for myself?

Will the treatments I am pursuing or may pursue:

  • Cure or slow down my illness, focus on managing my symptoms, enhance or improve my quality of life?
  • Increase or decrease my pain?
  • Make me feel sick?

Turning to Cayman HospiceCare is not about giving up, it’s about getting help. The most life-affirming thing you can do is seek assistance and comfort for yourself or someone else. Most of our patients and families say that they wish they had called us sooner—that Cayman HospiceCare honored patients’ dignity and enhanced their quality of life.

What Services Will I Receive as a Hospice Patient?

Your doctor/ Hospice Medical Director and the hospice interdisciplinary team will work with you and your family to set up a plan of care that meets your needs. Once admitted to CHC you will have a specially-trained hospice team and support staff available to help you and your families cope with your illness. A wide variety of services are covered by Hospice.  You may expect to receive the following included in your plan of care:

  • Doctor’s visits when necessary
  • Nursing visits as needed to support care
  • Medical equipment (such as wheelchairs or walkers)
  • Prescriptions that control symptoms such as pain, anxiety or restlessness etc.
  • Short-term in-patient care in CHC Villa when necessary
  • Caregivers to support care or provide at home respite care
  • Specially-trained hospice volunteers
  • Grief and loss counseling for you and your family

Support is available in the following areas:

Cayman HospiceCare offer a wide-ranging, personalised care which is provided by a versatile team of different professional staff and volunteers. As well as taking care of people’s physical needs, they also look after their emotional, spiritual and social needs. Hospices provide a range of services which include:

  • pain and symptom control
  • psychological and social support
  • rehabilitation – helping patients to stay independent and continue to live their lives as they have done before; Physical therapy
  • complementary therapies, such as massage and music therapy and more
  • counseling
  • spiritual care
  • practical advice
  • support in bereavement.

What is respite care?

Respite care allows a patient’s caregiver time to get some rest while someone else assumes the role of caregiver. As a hospice patient, the family is still responsible to care for or have someone who can care for the patient.  However occasionally your caregiver will need to tend to other duties or just get some rest. During a period of respite care, our caregiver could provide relief care at home or you could be looked after in the CHC villa. 

What is Not Covered Under Hospice?

When you choose hospice care, it is important for you to know that our team will not be involved with:

  • Treatment intended to cure your serious, life-limiting illness. You should talk with your doctor if you are thinking about getting treatment to cure your illness. As a hospice patient, you always have the right to stop hospice care at any time and seek curative treatment.

Your hospice team is there to support and promote quality end of life care.

Bereavement Support

Cayman HospiceCare continues to care for surviving family members, friends and caregivers as they adjust to life after the death of a loved one. The kinds of grief support and how long, will depend on what feels most comfortable to your family.

Staff or volunteers will check-in with your family periodically to offer information and support. Your family will also receive bereavement mailings and information about things which can help you cope with the changes that come with grieving. Different types of Counseling are available. Ask a member of your team or contact us at 345-945-7447 to learn more.

Individual Counseling

We offer assessment and counseling provided by licensed professionals.

Light up A Life Ceremony of Remembrance

Light Up a Life ceremony is a time for us to come together as a community to support each other as we remember those who have died.

The service is intended to be non-denominational.  Staff and volunteers will be present to greet and support the community. Please visit our   website (www.caymanhospciecare.com) for a list of upcoming services.



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Cayman HospiceCare Conversation Starter Kit