Meet Our Team

Virginia Hobday, MB. BS, MRCGP, DFFP, M. Phil, MBE
Medical Director

Although born in Zambia, Ginny grew up in Ethiopia and then spent some years in Libya and then New York. She was educated at St. Leonard’s School in Scotland, St Bartholomew’s Medical College in London, Cambridge University where she studied History of Medicine and Philosophy of Science. After completing her post graduate training at several London teaching hospitals she traveled overseas working in South Africa, France and Iraq. She moved to Cayman in 1998 and worked in the district clinics of the public health department for 3 years. She has been in private practice as a family doctor at Cayman Clinic since 2001. She is involved with the teaching of students at St. Matthews medical school and her many rescue dogs from the Humane Society are regularly visited by the veterinary college students seeking to improve their examination skills!

Dr. Hobday has been on the board of directors of Cayman HospiceCare since 2001 and is Medical Director for the organisation. She received an MBE for her work at Cayman HospiceCare in 2014 and has was also recognised as an ‘Emerging Pioneer’ in Health Care at the 2015 National Hero’s Day Celebration.

She and her husband Richard, a fellow African from Zimbabwe and the MRCU pilot since 1989, have two boys, John-Ross and Harrison.

Virginia Hobday

Felicia Mclean, BSN, RN, CHPN
Director of Operations & Nursing

Felicia was born in New York and raised by her Caymanian mother, Beulah McField, in the Cayman Islands. She trained as a LPN at the Cayman Islands government hospital and graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Cayman in 1995. She then worked in the CI hospital in many areas until travelling overseas to purse her degree in Nursing at Barry University in Miami, which she received in 2003.


Felicia started working with Cayman HospiceCare at the end of 2005, and was certified as a Hospice and Palliative Nurse in 2007.  In 2012 she became Clinical Manager to the clinical staff of the organization.  She has recently been promoted to Director of Operations & Nursing.


Felicia is married to Kyle Mclean (Caymanian) and is the proud mother of four beautiful children. She is a volunteer youth leader for the First Baptist Church and is as passionate about support of the youth as she is about supporting the dying. Felicia is devoted to making a difference in the lives of the terminally ill. She says, “I love caring for the terminally ill here in Cayman, it is incredibly rewarding.”

Felicia Mclean

Sylvia German
Hospice Care Giver

Sylvia joined Cayman HospiceCare as a full time care giver in 2011, after working in Cayman as a private care giver for several years. Born in Port Elizabeth, Jamaica, Sylvia was granted her Caymanian status and has been happy to call this Island her home ever since.

Sylvia German

Heather Huizinga, RN
Palliative Nurse Specialist

Heather was born in Ireland and started nursing at age eighteen. She has worked as a Palliative Care Nurse for the past sixteen years. A mother of three and the wife of a surgeon, she has spent almost half of her life living in Muslim communities around the world. She trained in Palliative Care at the renowned Marie Curie Hospice based in England before coming to Cayman HospiceCare in 2003. “I love Hospice life. Every family is different and special, and every death is special. We are there not to try to solve things but to help.” Heather also takes every opportunity to seek out and befriend stray animals and she and her family are extremely active with the Humane Society.

Heather Huizinga

Kerrie McMillan,
Fundraising & Event Coordinator

Having trained as a Registered Nurse/Midwife in the UK, Kerrie moved to the Bahamas in 1979 in search of the sun! In addition to finding the sun she found her husband, Rankine, and moved to Grand Cayman in 1985. After a period of being a “stay at home” mum and raising three children she went to work at Cayman Prep and High School, and remained there for seventeen years.  As mid-life came and went, she had a longing to do something different and had a brief insight into the tourist industry, as well as volunteering for Hospice. As the mid-life crisis came to a close, Kerrie was relishing the thought of maybe not working for a while and spending more time travelling with Rankine on his business trips. However, whilst on a family vacation in Scotland, “I received an email which ultimately resulted in my employment at Cayman HospiceCare. Although not directly involved in clinical care, “speaking the language” is a huge help.  Hospice is a very special organisation and I feel privileged to be a part of a caring team.”

Kerrie McMillan

Jo-Anne Merodon, RN
Hospice Nurse

Jo-Anne was born into a Canadian coal mining family and is one of ten children. Born and educated in Nova Scotia, she became a Registered ER Nurse in the 1980’s. Jo-Anne has worked in Canada, the USA, Brunei in Borneo, Australia and of course in Cayman. She and her husband Owen first arrived in the Cayman Islands in June 2000 when she took a position at the George Town Hospital Emergency Department. She has always been a strong patient advocate and when the opportunity arose in 2013 for her to join the HospiceCare team she felt it was the right move. She enjoys working with her patients and their families and also enjoys her colleagues who unanimously voted her the “CHC Team-Spirit Coordinator” (a position created specifically for Jo.) Jo-Anne genuinely enjoys people and loves singing, guitar playing, travelling, painting, and spending time with her family, friends and pets.

Jo-Anne Merodon

Gloria Reid
Hospice Care Giver

Gloria was born in the Parish of St. James, Jamaica. She has been with Cayman HospiceCare since the organisation was founded, and is also very involved with her church. She describes herself as being “a people person, through and through.” Gloria is also a world class soup maker and does all the cooking for the CHC Lunch Club.

Gloria Reid