In 1996, Tim Shea, a young Irish lawyer with the local law firm of Hunter & Hunter was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tim’s wish was to leave hospital and return home, spending his remaining time in Cayman with friends and family. His friends raised funds and supported by local community organisations made this wish a reality.

After Tim’s death, starting with a group of his friends and gaining momentum as others in the community became aware of their purpose, Cayman HospiceCare was born.

Starting in a small space, followed by a move to the Hospice Cottage, then to the historic Conch Shell House and finally to our current location at Trafalgar Place, the organisation has grown from one nurse and one care giver to our current three full-time and one part-time nurse with two full-time care givers. To fully round out our team we added an administrator and a fundraising & operations manager. A sister organisation, US Friends of Cayman HospiceCare was set up to allow our American friends to make donations while receiving their tax deductions.

We proudly added a two-bed inpatient unit which was named the CHC Villa.


Many things have changed since the early days of CHC, however the original goal of making end of life care free and available to all those living in the Cayman Islands has remained clear and strong.

We are proud of our history, our growth and our commitment to our community, helping those who need it.